Payload Release With Stabilisation Gimbal And 4k Camera – PL3


PL3 – Payload Release System, incorporating an one-axis gimbal, with a 4K camera, for Splash Drone 3. With 0-90degree controllable tilt angle. Help recording the whole air-drop process in stable video.

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Payload Release With Stablization Gimbal And 4k Camera

The PL3 is a new, innovative and powerful add-on which increases the versatility of the Splash Drone 3. Technically, the PL3 is a combination of the waterproof 4K camera and the original payload release mechanism. Now, with the PL3, and compared to the previous model (PL2) , you now have the added benefit of a gimbal mounted camera, as well as being able to record your payload release or rescue operation to a MicroSD card, which was not possible. The 4K camera is stabilized by 4 rubber damping balls, ensuring the recording of steady footage while carrying and dropping a payload. It is very simple to use, you can tilt the camera from the remote controller to view what’s in front of the drone, and also where your items are to be dropped. This is very convenient, especially during rescue or life saving operations , and this is happening in real time with live video back to the FPV screen which is in the palm of your hands. Thanks to the PL3, the Splash drone 3 is now able to offer you a more precise release of fishing traces or bait, or lifesaving equipment over a wide radius from your position, and is fully under your control. The efficiency is increased beyond your imagination.

Main Specs:
Waterproof Rating – IP67
Payload Release Capacity- 1KG
Size – 128x82x70mm
Camera Specs:
Sensor – 1/2.3” CMOS
Photo Resolution – 14MP
Lense FOV – 106° at F2.0
ISO Range – 100-1600
Photo Resolution – 14MP(4320×3240) 10MP(3648×2736) 5MP(2592X1944)
Video Resolution –
APP Control: 1920*1080(30/60p) 1280*720 (30/60p)
Remote Control: 2880*2160 24p 2560*1440 30p 1920*1080(30/60p) 1280*720(30/60p)
Max Video Stream – 28000kbps
Photo Format – JPEG RAW J+R
Video Format – MOV MP4
Supported Memory Card Micro SD – Class 10 or UHS-1 or higher, up to 64Gb


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