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We are Australia’s leading supplier of fishing drones, drone fishing gear and specialised tackle for fishing with drones. We source all the leading gadgets and gizmos you need to be a drone fishing pro. Drone Fishing is all about getting the best of both worlds.

With the use of specially designed fishing drones, you can take your line out past the breakers, beyond the whitewash where you know the fish are biting.

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It all started when Brendan bought a basic drone and discovered the laws regarding where he could fly it. As an unlicensed recreational drone user living in suburbia, he came to the realisation that the beach would be perfect place to start.

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Keen anglers making the most of technology.

By using our drones for fishing, you’ll be making the most of your trip to the beach and hooking onto the kinds of fish usually left only to the anglers with access to a boat. Not to mention the joy of flying a cutting edge piece of technology out and releasing your bait all from the comfort of the soft white sand on any of our beautiful Australian beaches.

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